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Blog: Emerging sine-wave commutation techniques are advancing UAV efficiencies

According to Gartner Research (2016), the largest inhibitor of drone adoption for commercial use is time in the air. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturers are spending countless hours and financial resources trying to overcome this hurdle. Designing drones with advanced composite materials is expensive, and shoehorning batteries into every nook and cranny is only a band-aid fix that adds extra weight.

One area that is often overlooked, but could easily unlock efficiency gains for UAVs is in the propulsion system – specifically the electronic speed controller or ESC.

Unmanned Systems Technology Issue 14: Better UAV Motor Feedback

Agile Sensor Technologies has developed a motor control system for providing information about motor performance in multicopter UAVs more efficiently. It provides feedback on temperature, current draw, speed and other operating parameters pertinent to maintenance, flight and safety-critical decision making (writes Rory Jackson from the AUVSI show).

Blog: How on-board propulsion data is changing the UAV industry by improving safety and reducing costs

After spending a week at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL conference, and speaking with numerous manufacturers, one key theme stood out – the importance of on-board data and telemetry. Whether you’re a single engineer developing a vehicle prototype for testing, or a large manufacturer keeping track of a deployed drone fleet, having access to propulsion system telemetry both during, and post-flight, is quickly becoming industry standard.

Agile Sensor Technologies launches Synapse

Robotic components provider Agile Sensor Technologies wants to help drones reach their maximum performance with minimum footprint. The company is launching Synapse, a performance-monitoring multi-motor controller.

Synapse is designed to provide flight data, real-time propulsion system feedback, faster controller response time, and 10% longer flight time.

Atlantic Canada Profiles: Agile Sensor Technologies

Agile Sensor Technologies, a manufacturer of intelligent robotic components based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, has launched its new performance monitoring multi-motor controller Synapse.

Developed for industrial and military UAVs, Synapse advances beyond traditional electronic speed controllers (ESCs) to offer flight data recording, real-time propulsion system feedback, faster controller response time, and the ability to increase flight time by approximately 10%.

Unmanned Systems Technology - Commercial UAV Expo 2016

Agile Sensor Technologies showcased its own FPGA-powered innovation – a smart motor controller intended to enable improved efficiency over conventional electronic speed controllers (ESCs). The Advanced Motor Controller (AMC) uses a single FPGA SoC (as opposed to multiple ESCs) to control up to 30 motors per unit, and is compatible with any autopilot.

Boeing Logo

Trans-Atlantic UAV Partnership Enters Final Integration Phase

The Boeing [NYSA: BA]-facilitated and funded partnership between Støvring-based company Sky-Watch and Canada-based companies Solace Power (Solace) and Agile Sensor Technologies (Agile) is on track to demonstrate its Autonomous Wireless Recharge Quadcopter in Canada before the end of the year, a major milestone that will showcase the capabilities of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in monitoring above-ground pipelines and similar industrial systems.

Meet your match - Atlantic Business Magazine

TAKE FIRE, or the wheel or even the alphabet, human history is bejeweled with game-changing technology that originated in the community to meet real needs – and gain an edge over the competition.

Boeing partners with Newfoundland companies on advanced drone project

Agile Sensors and Solace Power partner to develop next generation eUAV components. Newfoundland-based companies unlock new applications for eUAV manufacturers with auto hover/land and wireless recharge capabilities.

Agile Announces New VP Engineering

Agile Sensor Technologies (Agile) today announced the addition of Howard Rideout as Vice President, Engineering. This key hire rounds out Agile’s leadership team and further strengthens the company’s ability to undertake rapid product development and accelerate revenue growth.

"Robotics is big business": NL company eyeing Chinese market

A company that began as a research and development project at Memorial University has scored its first sale and has teamed up with an investor in China to try to break into that market.

“Our technology is of interest all over the world really, I mean robotics is a big business,” said Brian Terry,  president of Agile Sensors Technologies.

Agile Sensor Technologies Receives Investment from International Robotics Supplier

Agile Sensor Technologies Inc. (Agile) today announced that it has received a significant investment and strategic partnership with Gaitech International Limited (Gaitech) of Shanghai, China.

Agile, headquartered in Canada, develops robotics technologies for the Industrial Automation and Aerospace/Defense Markets. The partnership with Gaitech includes a strategic investment in Agile and an agreement to co-develop new products for distribution into the global robotics market.

Santa expected to deliver 1 million drones this christmas

The Los Angeles Convention Center sounds like an apiary. The buzz and whine is the non-stop soundtrack of the International Drone Expo, the largest of its kind in the world.

On display are hundreds of drones from around the world. Some are as small as a business card; others are large enough to carry a person.

Sensing Success - Newfoundland and Labrador companies push forward on remote sensing tech

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to a number of companies at the cutting edge of remote sensing technology. From mature, established organizations to specialty start-ups, the province is increasingly excelling in this high technology category.

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