8-in-1 ESC Solution

Designed for military and industrial UAV manufacturers looking for superior components – Agile’s intelligent ESC goes beyond the limits of traditional speed controllers.  

Its unique single board hub compresses the functionality of 4, 6 or 8 ESCs into a compact centralized location. Not only does Synapse save weight and space on your vehicle, it builds in much more functionality than a traditional ESC.

How would you enhance your drone?

SYNAPSE is an intelligent centralized ESC.

We are currently shipping 40A systems, and will soon be releasing Synapse in 60A and 80A (4, 6 or 8-in-1 variations)


Synapse keeps your UAV in the air longer, period.

With the integration of field oriented control (FOC), advanced commutation algorithms and active braking, choosing our centralized all-in-one ESC provides UAVs up to 10% power efficiency gains per motor.

Synapse is sine-wave driven, which allows it to capture and reuse energy otherwise lost during deceleration. This reduces net-power consumption when compared to back-EMF-based ESCs.

Spencer Gore

“Impossible Aerospace is excited to partner with Agile and combine our technologies to offer unprecedented efficiency gains that will result in longer flight times for our customers.”

– Spencer Gore, CEO of Impossible Aerospace


Reduce costs and stretch component lifespan.

With real-time propulsion system feedback on RPM, current and temperature, Synapse can save operators $1,000s annually in maintenance costs. Equipped with a black box flight recorder, vital data on the vehicle’s motors is both live streamed to the user, time-stamped and stored to a removable memory device that can be off-loaded after each flight. This data enables the operator to predict component failure, and perform optimized maintenance.

“If we can sense basic information about the motors we can pinpoint our maintenance more accurately. Measuring the current draw per motor, vibrations and magnetization would not only save maintenance costs but also allow us to stretch the maintenance interval – saving our customers a lot of down time.” – William Fredericks, CEO of Advanced Aircraft Company

UAV Safety


A recent study by RMIT University investigated 150 drone incidents and identified technical failure as the cause of 64%.

Synapse allows you to take action to protect your UAV in the event of abnormal motor function. The system collects diagnostic data from each motor in real-time, and can relay instant alerts back to the autopilot or take preventive actions without a pilot to protect the UAV. These diagnostic measures can be vital to the safety of the aircraft and its surroundings.

Synapse’s powerful FPGA core allows the system to perform intelligent actions based on the real-time diagnostics it receives. Offering the ability to immediately notify the autopilot if a component failure is imminent.


Griff Aviation builds the finest available UAS. No other drones are comparable in terms of quality, performance or mission flexibility. With this in mind, only the world’s best components that complete rigorous testing go into our system. We are excited to work with Agile to push the bar in UAV technology.
– Hans Førde, Technical Lead at Griff Aviation
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“Improvements in drone flight safety will require more semiconductors and sensors. Managing these chips will require high-performance processors or dual processors”
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Synapse sets itself apart from other ESCs when it comes to ease of maintenance. With 100’s of hours of testing, Agile has yet to have a board failure However, in the rare case that something causes one of Synapse’s power stages to fail, users can be back in the air in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the modular design of the central board, users can simply pop out a power stage, and replace it with a replacement unit from Agile.

Synapse breaks the myth that centralized ESCs are cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Replacing a faulty power stage is as easy as replacing a single ESC in traditional distributed ESC system. Other 4-in-1 ESCs keep your UAV grounded, since the entire system has to be replaced – costing time and money. Synapse’s modular design increases the lifespan of the whole system, and further reduces maintenance time, keeping your craft in the air and out of the shop.


Professional ESC

Certified, Professional Product

High-temp, industrial grade components paired with robust connectors and Intel FPGAs – give Synapse unparalleled reliability. Spark-proof circuitry and connectors enhance this protection, further increasing the life of the system. ISO9001 certified PCB assembly.

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Manufactured Right Here

All components of Synapse were designed, and tested in Canada, in the same design house used by Texas Instruments, DELL, Google Canada, Oracle, and others.

Harsh Weather

Harsh Weather Stability

Synapse updates motors in parallel at 20 kHz, that’s 400 times faster than traditional ESCs. This keeps your craft stable in any weather. Synapse was designed, flown and tested in St. John’s, Newfoundland – The windiest city in Canada.

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At the core of Synapse is a rigorously tested Intel Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip, empowering pilots to fly worry-free. When compared to a traditional microcontroller, FPGA’s stand alone as the reliable solution for quickly processing on-board data.


How do I purchase Synapse?
What type of motors can be used with Synapse?

Any brushless-DC motor can be used with our system. Although our original focus has been in aerial vehicles, our motor controller can be applied in underwater or ground vehicles.

Can I use Synapse in systems other than UAV/Drones?

Yes. Agile is currently evaluating the value of Synapse in applications outside of UAVs and drones. The team has received strong feedback for the system’s potential use in robotic arm and ground vehicle applications.

What sets Synapse apart from a traditional ESC?

A traditional ESC serves only one primary function – to vary an electric motor’s speed. Synapse has been built with additional functionality that allows your UAV to take intelligent actions if issues arise.

Separate ESCs are required to control each motor on a UAV. This increases bulk and reduces flexibility of the system as ESCs traditionally require space on a UAV’s arm. Agile’s powerful system rests entirely on a single board in the centre of your UAV. This offers the opportunity for additional functional payloads to be built where traditional ESCs once sat.

What is an Electronic Speed Controller or ESC?

An Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is an essential component of modern multi-rotors, UAVs and RC vehicles that directs high frequency, high resolution 3-phase AC power to the system’s motors.

Does Synapse introduce single points of failure to my UAV?

Synapse will, in fact, reduce single points of failure throughout your system. Remote ESCs on each arm are eliminated with the integration of Synapse’s single board design. This integration replaces potentially unreliable cabling with high-performance board-to-board connections. This reduction of connection wiring, paired with Synapse’s military grade connectors and components, results in increased reliability over commercial off the shelf components.

What is an FPGA?

A Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) designed to be configured by a designer after manufacturing. FPGAs have vastly wider potential than programmable read-only memory chips.

Is Agile hiring?

We’re always on the look-out for new members to join the team. Visit our careers page for more information.

What is Field Oriented Control (FOC) and why is it the right choice for my ESC?

Simple off-the-shelf ESCs use basic back EMF to control multi-phase motors. Field Oriented Control (FOC) is a sensor-less form of commutation that can be integrated into any UAV. Synapse, using its precise timing and analog digital converters, implements the advanced, vector-based FOC algorithm allowing more precise and efficient operation.

Outside of efficiency, another leading benefit of FOC is its smooth control. Vibration is minimized across all speeds, leading to a more durable mechanical system. FOC’s independent torque and speed control enables exceptionally fast acceleration and deceleration of motors. This improves UAV maneuverability and allows for rapid motor shut down and start up ensuring ultimate safety in any situation.


Check our downloads below, or contact one of Agile’s engineers.